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‘Fit for Duty’ - Workplace Screening & Treatment Program for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The Fit for Duty Program is an exciting new screening and treatment program that addresses the corporate risk of obstructive sleep apnea that aims to help improve productivity and seeks to help improve the health & safety of New Zealanders. The Fit for Duty clinical team, and our contracted health care providers, will work with you to ensure that the program is delivered smoothly and efficiently in a positive manner.

Identify Risk

Increase Productivity

Reduce Accidents

We offer a turn-key workplace solution to ensure that your employees have a pathway to expert care to identify and treat this serious sleep disorder.

Business measures – Your Return on Investment

Before the commencement of the program, we will work with you to identify key business measures that will enable you to establish the ROI (return on investment) of the program. These include assessing:

  • Accident rates
  • Near-miss incident records
  • Vehicle/asset damage
  • Absenteeism rates
  • Staff retention rates
  • ACC claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Drug and alcohol incidences
  • Traffic infringement notices

The Fit for Duty Program

We have a fantastic National team of Registered Occupational Health Nurses who we Partner with to co-facilitate the individual health assessment, overnight sleep testing, CPAP trials and Patient Management Care for our program. Our Senior Sleep Physiologist and Sleep Physician provide the clinical expertise and oversee every individual who participates in our Fit for Duty Program.

The program has three simple steps:

Step one

Let's get started

We start by providing a simple home-based overnight sleep test and health assessment. Our test measures the level of oxygen in the blood, nasal air flow & occurrence of obstructed breathing while sleeping. This will identify those who have a moderate to high profile of obstructive sleep apnea and would meet the criteria for a CPAP trial.

Step two

What are the next steps for me?

Upon review of the sleep data by our Senior Sleep Physiologist we determine what the best pathway for each individual will be. For some, it will be assessed that there is a low risk for OSA. For others if there is evidence of moderate to high levels of obstructive sleep apnea, in most cases, we start a CPAP trial lasting approximately 4-5 weeks. (Please note, that in some instances further diagnostic sleep assessments may be required).

Step three

For those who need long term CPAP treatment

Fit for Duty offers a Compliance & Monitoring Program for all individuals who go on to long term CPAP treatment. This Program includes a CPAP machine, by prescription, and supported by daily compliance monitoring which is reviewed by our Sleep Physiologist. All patients receive personal advice and support from our clinical team. Offering peace of mind for the Employer and Employee.

Once the CPAP pressure has been established for the individual, a suitable machine will be prescribed by our Sleep Physician and provided by Fit for Duty.

Fit for Duty will register these individuals into our Compliance & Monitoring Program. This daily compliance monitoring is reviewed by our Sleep Physiologist by exception reporting. For robust Health & Safety reasons, any individual who appears to be non-compliant with treatment will receive personal advice and support from our clinical team.

FFD OPEX pricing model means that you needn’t worry about who has to buy the CPAP machine. For a low monthly fee, the CPAP machine, Physiologist support, daily compliance monitoring and annual compliance reporting is all included.